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H&R components to boost BMW M 235i and 220i

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[color=#000]Driven by private racing teams, the new BMW M235i “Racing” will soon enter competitions such as the German VLN Endurance Championship. The racing car that was introduced at the beginning of this year will tackle the Nürburgring Nordschleife with custom-made suspension components from H&R.[/color]
[img][/img][color=#000]The company’s experiences gained from working with BMW Motorsport were incorporated into the design of special sport springs and anti-roll bars for the M235i model. The H&R components are perfectly attuned to the demands of racing fans and will be available at the highly anticipated market launch of the 326hp compact car.[/color]
[img][/img][color=#000]The lowering kits and “Trak+” wheel spacers for the other models of the 2 Series will be available with the 220i launch in March.[/color]
[color=#000]- See more at: [url][/url];R-components-to-boost-BMW-M-235i-220i/#sthash.vnJPTnl4.dpuf[/color]

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